Community Mural Project

Pukekohe High School Arts & Martin Langdon (Kāi tahu, Waikato-Tainui, Ngāti Whāwhākia, Ngāti Hikairo) Collaboration
Sponsored by Eke Panuku | Auckland Council
Thanks to the SuMei for allowing us to paint their wall

This is the 2nd mural of a 5 mural vision. Martin Langdon was aided by 5 different art students each day last week helping paint the side of the Seddon Street Building situated on Seddon park at the top of King Street. This mural speaks to the history of this park, but also asks questions.  Enabling conversation and honouring tangata whenua.  These murals call for and express values that uphold mana and aroha for a different future.  We look back to understand what we need to do to move forward together.  Too tatou kaainga, too taatou hiitori.

Student voice –

  • I love seeing my culture here in my community
  • Contemporary Maaori Art is beautiful
  • I love the colours, its so bright and happy, it makes you look
  • Everyone who walks past loves what we are doing

(On a personal note – I am so incredibly proud of our students for giving it their all.  They are from across different levels from school, at the start of the day they were a bit shy, but by the end of the day they had formed new friendships.  They helped each other out, they used initiative.  They were incredibly kind and respectful to the public by saying hello and answering their questions.  It was heartening to see everyone wearing big smiles all day.  I am very grateful for our kids, our arts department, kura and Martin Langdon. We are so lucky!)

Ngaa mihi nui,
Catherine Tamihere

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