NZ Scholarship Top Scholars Awards – Top Scholar in Visual Art Printmaking

On Wednesday 11 May Nyle Turuwhenua, her parents and her teacher Esther Hansen attended the NZ Scholarship Top Scholars Awards in the Grand Hall in the Parliament building in Wellington.

The Top Scholar Awards recognise the highest achieving students in 2021 NZ Scholarship  examinations. Nyle received  her award for being the Top Scholar in Visual Art Printmaking. Her folio and workbook gained the highest mark awarded 24 out of 24. Nyle also achieved this as a year 12 student.

The Hon Jan Tinetti, the Deputy Minister of Education gave a speech praising the dedication and effort that the award winners had shown to excel under the cloud of the Covid pandemic and with all the time away from school last year.

Later that evening local MP, Andrew Bailey, showed Nyle and her parents around parliament to see the amazing art collection on display behind the scenes. Nyle’s goal is to return again as a top scholar in one or more of her other art subjects she is sitting this year as a year 13. Congratulations Nyle, we applaud your hard work, dedication and commitment to always doing your best.



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