Chemistry team tops Waikato competition

On June 22, two teams of Pukekohe High School students participated in the annual University of Waikato Analytical Chemistry Competition. There were 20 teams of students representing high schools from all over the Waikato region. The task was to use two practical investigation techniques to finish an incomplete formula (NiSO4.XH2O). One pair used the titration method, slowly combining chemicals to determine the volume required to complete the reaction, while the other pair did gravimetric analysis, a process that involved the production of a very smelly red solid.

Pukekohe High Team Two earned first prize, taking away $240 in prize money. Well done team! Our school last won the competition in 2012. The competition helped to strengthen the bonds between friends and helped sharpen students’ chemistry skills. It was a fun day and an excellent insight into University Science.

Written by Kenneth Tischendorf and Heather Smith

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